LocationSioux Falls, SD, USA

“ The first time I received a Starke Sound speaker I was instantly impressed by the overall design, but even more so impressed with the craftsmanship of the electronics inside. I showed the crossover to several prominent members of the audio community and the response was overwhelming, every single one made a comment about the quality in this product that seems to have been lost to mass production. Needless to say we decide to support Starke Sound and we could not be happier. Once a customer hears this product thy will be instantly hooked. This product is simply the best sound you can have at home. With Starke Sound’s flexibility between 2-channel and milti-channel is a reality and they have the most impressive clarity at higher volumes that I have ever seen in my life…in any price category. I would put these up against anything.”


Matt has been involved in the AV Industry as early as the age of 18. He began by doing system calibrations with his early certifications from Imaging Science Foundation and Home Acoustics Alliance. He was one of the youngest certified Audio/Video calibrators in the world.