LocationSious Falls, SD, USA

“I have been using the Starke H3 Elites in my theater for the past 3 months and am impressed by the clarity and sound stage imaging. I watch a lot of movies and DirectTV shows – the vocal dialog, even when the volume control is very low, is incredible. On the flip side I also listen to my record collection of older Motown classics, jazz, and rock and am totally blown away by the Starke Sound Elites crisp clean sound. It’s like being at the concert. Even streaming music through Pandora and Spotify is significantly improved over the system I replaced that was almost twice the price 5 years ago.


"My sound systems have always sounded great but now when friends come over to listen to the Halo's they are blown away by the sound. I recently added the H-1 Elite bookshelves to my office for just music from Spotify and I am extremely pleased with the crisp clean sound that these speakers produce.”

Jeff has been a vital component in bringing display/audio calibration to the mainstream. He has contributed to the AV Industry evolution for over 15 years and has been instructing ISF calibration courses in the USA and beyond for the past 10 years of his career. He often co-instructs with Joel Silver who is the chairman of ISF.