We first introduced beryllium tweeters as part of our H5 speaker series. Both of our H5 floor standing and center channels have this elite, remarkable tweeter. Combined with Starke Sound's patented LMF Technology the IC-H5 is a true competitor in not just the multichannel market but the also in the world of hi-end stereo. As a result our H5 speaker series is often compared with the flagships of other well known brands. 


The popularity of our H5 and the LMF Beryllium tweeter has created some new demands from our customers. We listened carefully. We found that some customers who wanted to purchase our H5 speakers also enjoyed our smaller H3 and H1 surround speakers. These customers wanted to combine both models into a single surround system and ensure a continuous sound stage. In addition some customers who already owned the H3 or H1 inquired whether or not their existing tweeters could be upgraded so they too could enjoy the extended frequency range. Well, after many hours of research and testing we are now able to offer the LMF Beryllium tweeter upgrade to all of our customers! After upgrading the crossover and the interconnection cables we test drove the beryllium tweeter in our IC-H3/IW H3 & IC-H1/IW-H1 with fantastic results. The frequency range blew our technicians away just as it will for you. Even the mid-range is now more smooth and sweet. We wish for every Starke Sound customer to have the opportunity to take advantage of this wonderful upgrade.   


Want to Upgrade? 

In order to take advantage of this offer all you have to do is place the speaker to be upgraded in its original packaging and send to Starke Sound USA at the address listed below. Our trained technicians and staff will replace the tweeters and upgrade the crossover and its interconnection cables. The unit will then be tested, approved, and sent back to the customer ready for use. This process will take approximately 1 week depending on the customer's location. And just so you know the upgrade will not affect its 10 year warranty from original date of purchase.



The special price for this upgrade is only $450(shipping not included). For any artificially damaged tweeter returns the upgrade for the new tweeter system is $1250.